There comes a day in everybody's life when you open your closet and realize all your socks are boring or completely worn out.

We all agree that there is nothing more embarrassing then taking off your shoes and showing everybody a giant whole in your sock!

How we started

We noticed the same issue with our family and friends. Stores in generally provide classic, mostly boring socks or they are too expensive for the quality they offer, so we decided to find a socks supplier and started to import vibrant, colorful socks with nice motives.

However, the socks quality at our suppliers was often not as good as it should be, so the next step was obvious - to make our own socks brand with colorful, attractive, unusual but also classic socks with good quality.


We connected with a relatively small factory with over 25 year tradition, placed near our company, so the cooperation is always on the highest level. Factory workers always place emphasis on quality rather than quantity and they meet every our desire and we are keeping close contact and attenton to the production.

Our socks are made on the best Italian Lonati machines. All manufacture and company workers are also properly and fairly paid.


Our socks collection is based on diversity, because we want to satisfy every taste. Some people still prefer classic socks or need them for work and business meetings, so we provide classic black socks and patterns like argyle in more serious colors. Other people want patterns, colourful socks and funky motives. We offer diverse selection and we believe that in our socks store, everyone can find socks that suit their taste and personality.

We are different from other socks providers because We produce different socks sizes, each made on its own machine, because we know that one size can not fit all feet!