Socks… everybody needs them.


They are the first thing we put on in the morning and from that perspective we believe they are essential piece of every wardrobe. We spend entire day wearing them, therefore it  is important to feel comfortable. The most important key which leads to comfort is quality fabric.


Why is our blend of material the best choice?


Our socks contain only high quality cotton and the best fabric composition ratio for your feet. Many people think that the quality of socks depends on higher content of cotton in fabric composition, but we believe that 100% cotton socks are not the best choice for your feet. Of course it depends on the purpose, but for everyday use socks should contain cotton, as well as polyamid and elastane.


Cotton fine yarns are lightweight, provide superior comfort and are great for absorbing moisture. But cotton on its own doesn’t wick moisture towards its surface and it doesn’t allow wetness to evaporate quickly, which means that your feet stay wet all day. That is why you have to make sure your socks are properly blended with other materials, such as polyamid.


Polyamid fabric ensures proper breathing for feet and helps avoid excess sweating because it encourage wicking. It provides great insulation and long-wearing durability. On their own, this material is thin and provide little cushioning or snugness, but it can be blended with thicker and stretchier materials to make an excellent sock.

Wait, there is more!


Not only do we offer socks that combine the best relationship between quality and price, we also produce different socks sizes, each made on its own machine, because we believe that one universal size can’t fit all feet!

Our goal is also to provide socks that will last longer than a week or a month. Due to longer durability, our socks are knitted with double polyamide on toes and heel area, but at the same time elastic band provides comfort and softness to your skin, without strangling your legs.