Pitbull white

Pitbull heads


  • One of the two socks from Pitbull serie. Black Pitbull on the white background, so everybody knows you are a dog fan.
  • Comfortable and high quality socks, knitted from skin friendly material, suitable for everyday use
  • Available in three sizes


80% cotton
15% polyamide
5% elastane

length/width shrinkage: 2%

Size guide
Size guide
UK W 2½-5 6-7½ 8-11½
UK M 2-5 6-8 8½-11½
US W 5-7½ 8½-10 10½-14
US M 2½-5½ 6½-8½ 9-12

  • 39-42
  • 43-46

7,50 €

tax incl.

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Made and designed in Europe! Our socks come from a small factory with over 25 year tradition, so all socks are proudly designed and made in Europe.
Made and designed in Europe!
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Best price performance socks Our socks contain only high quality cotton and the best fabric composition ratio for your feet. Buying cheap socks doesn't pay off on the long term but good doesn't have to mean expensive. Our socks combine the best relationship between quality and price.
Best price performance socks
One size doesn`t fit all!
One size doesn`t fit all! Because we know that one universal size doesn't fit all feet, we produce different socks sizes, each made on its own machine.
No more tight elastic band! Elastic band in our socks provide comfort and softness to your skin, without strangling your legs.
No more tight elastic band!
Durable heel and toes
Durable heel and toes Due to longer durability, our socks are knitted with double polyamide on toes and heel area.